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Determination is Everything

Hey all! My name is Amanda, 24 from Australia :) Love all things country! Cattle horses and country life :) I have struggled with my weight for a while now and want to work really hard in acheiving my weight loss goal!
Amanda - Age 24
SW - 73KG
CW - 65KG
GW1 - 63KG
GW2 - 60KG
GW3 - 58KG
GW4 - 55KG

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I know, I’ve been a bit busy to update this blog, but when I came across this in the June/July issue of Seventeen I knew that my followers had to see it!


  • Exercise atleast 5 days a week, for 25 minutes. That’s easy!
  • Eat 5 times a day (fresh food over junk!)
  • Find 5 new ways to be active every week.

The calendar is essential for this plan, you can print it out here.

You will also need all of these workouts:

Monday: here

Tuesday: here

Wednesday: here

Thursday: here

Friday: here

Good luck, I’m trying this as well, let me know if you’re trying it, too!

(c) 2011 Seventeen Magazine I am NOT responsible for the content, only poorly scanning & uploading it. :)

Just bringing this back. One of my favorites! :)


There’s a better quality version here, please don’t remove the link.

Anonymous asked me how they could become confident. It’s hard to say exactly, but this is how I guide myself in general. I’ve been put down, called every name imaginable, and I’ve been through extremes but I was able to bounce back and I’m still able to be reasonably confident today. Hopefully this helps some of you, too :)


start now!


Fighting any temptation


Gym inspiration of the day: Nomii Ann

I seriously admire this girl so much. She did something amazing for herself, she stopped making excuses and lost 50kg without having lose skin (all with clean diet and working her butt off). Nothing against lose skin, but I fear having one so much because I think if I end up with having it I will be unhappy again. She gets a lot of hate for no reason and it’s really sad how some people hate on other people for achieving something.


Wanted more shorts for Europe and summer but didn’t want to spend any more money… So I made my own out of a pair of Joes Jeans I never wear. Winning


I love how this says “NO to unhealthy food (in large quantities)”. Promoting healthy relationships with food is great, and I’m glad this said this the way it did. 





Girls, girls, girls. I know we all have our own stories and we’re all here for different reasons. But I see A LOT of girls desperately trying to see lower numbers on their scales. It looks to me like the main reason they’re doing it (working out/eating healthy) is to see a low number on scales. The only thing thing keeping them going is the hope that one morning they’ll stand on the scale and their “ultimate goal weight” will be staring them in the face.

I believe, and yes this is my personal opinion, that what should be staring you in the face, is yourself in the mirror. Why not forget about the numbers for a while? Check your progress in the mirror, how your clothes fit, compare old photos with new photos, happiness, how well you sleep at night, how much energy you have, how strong you are mentally and physically, there are probably a million other reasons but these are the ones just came to mind now.

Different weights look different on every single body. Just because your favourite celeb has a bangin’ bod at a weight, doesn’t mean it’s going to look fantastic on you too.

I hope my progress will inspire some of you and make you realise that you don’t need to see incredibly low numbers. I rarely weigh myself. I only weigh myself when I see a big difference in my body in muscle definition. It turns out the better I look, the more weight I’ve gained.

Don’t let numbers define you. Please. I am genuinely concerned for some people that I see on here. 

ugh these photos make me feel good <3

This is so freaking amazing